Bury vs Swindon Town: An Unconventional Way of Predicting the Score

Over the years, there have been many ways of predicting the outcome of football matches, from the analytical to the ‘gut feeling’ you have on the day of the game,  all the way through to the downright odd but uncannily successful.

Today, I am introducing a new method. My son (let’s call him Exile Jr. for the sake of this blog), is sixteen months old as I write this. It’s going to be at least several years until he develops an interest in football, if he ever does. That said, I wanted to test out whether he could predict Bury’s scorelines any more accurately than so-called experts.

I wrote the numbers nil to four twice on a piece of paper and then cut it into squares. Whichever two he selects first for each match will be considered as his prediction, with the home side being the first number and the away side the second. In the very unlikely event that Bury ever play on neutral ground in a competitive fixture in the not too distant future, Bury will be the ‘home’ team. Not like I’m taking this too seriously or anything!

Anyway, I predict a tight game as I said in my preview yesterday, but you can pretty much guarantee there will be at least one Swindon goal. I think it will end in a 1-1 draw.

Exile Jr. has an altogether different ‘theory’. He predicts a six goal thriller, which would definitely be in keeping with Bury’s season. Unfortunately, only two of those are going the Shakers’ way, with the Robins plundering four and easing their own relegation worries.

Future father vs son predictions will be incorporated into each preview and after several games, I will be adding a table to keep easier track. I have a feeling Exile Jr. will come out on top!