Bury Me in Exile is Not Dead!

This blog will properly restart in the close season. I have been battling depression for quite a while (and not just because of how horrific this season in particular has been) but I feel like I’m slowly improving and have turned the corner. Some of the content will change from 2018/2019 onwards but hopefully, the quality won’t in the eyes of the readers. Football and Bury have taken a back seat during this period and on occasion, I’ve even had to be reminded that there’s a match on (as it seems some of the players have judging by results). I concluded that I have some serious issues with the general direction of travel both the sport as a whole and the Shakers are currently on. It’s unlikely I can affect the former and perhaps not even the latter; however, I will certainly try my best to at least explain what I mean by that in the months ahead.

A few aspects will certainly change and I have listed below what they are:

  • I felt like a bit of a ‘fraud’ writing previews and reviews of matches I didn’t attend in person. Granted, as of the current season, there has been access to footage of the full match a day or so after it has taken place and you can play around with the video to gain better hindsight (and insight) of events. Even so, it doesn’t give you the full fat experience of attending a game. To that end, I’ll only write previews and reviews of matches I know I’m going to go to or see live in some other form from now on.
  • I don’t have as much time to dedicate to writing this blog as I did previously. That’s why I’d rather implement the ‘fewer, bigger, better’ mantra of quality over quantity. Dropping most of the previews and reviews will in turn lead to a more studied assessment of, say, a month’s worth of games.
  • There will be more content as a proportion where I explore the state of the club and the sport in a wider sense, as was my original intention when I first created it 14 months ago. This is hopefully a way of gaining a wider audience that still enjoy reading longform prose on the ‘meatier’ matters affecting fans.


Some things will remain the same, however:

  • My commitment to balanced writing; yes, I can be very critical of aspects of how, say, Bury are run but I always steer well clear of playing the man, rather than the ball.
  • Reaching out to fans of teams other than Bury, through season previews, occasional match previews/reviews, Q&As and additional content.
  • Promoting coverage of Bury’s U18s/Academy and women’s sides. They deserve to have the same level of care and attention as the men’s senior squad.


I certainly didn’t envisage that 2017/2018 would be the poorest season in living memory. At the time of writing, a win for Oldham Athletic at home against Walsall tonight will make the Shakers the first team in the top four tiers to be relegated. It will also undoubtedly precipitate yet another massive overhaul of staff (both on and off the field). There certainly won’t be a shortage of things to write about during the long, summer months…

Don’t forget! If you have a suggestion for something you want to see on here, please feel free to contact me. Any sensible ideas are always welcomed.


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