League Two Club-by-Club Preview for 2018/2019: Explaining the Format

This is a short post explaining exactly what the format for my League Two previews for the coming season will be, in case you aren’t already familiar with my site.

Club Order: The first thing you will notice right from the outset tomorrow is that the clubs are not in any order whatsoever: not alphabetical, not reverse alphabetical, not in any order of predicted finish or where they came last season. No order. I even used random.org to help me generate a truly random list; the reason for that is ostensibly to keep people a) guessing and b) coming back!


Record Last Season + Quick Summary: As it says on the tin, with a particular focus on expectations against the reality.

Top Goalscorer: Self-explanatory.

Top Creator: Number of assists.


Manager/Head Coach: A brief summary of their background and how they came to be at their current club.

Ins: Lovingly lifted from Transfermarkt.

Outs: As above. All first team transfers will be present and correct at the time of writing.

Predicted First XI & Shape: The further into the previews I get, the likelier the accuracy of them will be higher. Fortunately, for the purposes of this blog, the summer transfer window finishes early, so clubs have less time to make me look like a fool (in theory!). They will be presented visually via the tried-and-tested cut and paste job from Lineup Builder.

Tactics: As above.

Predicted ‘Area’ of Finish: Stating an ‘area’ rather than exact finishing position a) gives me some degree of leeway if any major transfers happen after my prediction and b) prevents people deducing with, say, three or four previews left the remaining clubs’ finishing places and (hopefully) retaining interest. The areas will still be reasonably specific and as follows:

  1. Gunning for automatic promotion
  2. Play-off chasers
  3. Comfortably mid-table
  4. Safe but sorry
  5. Circling the relegation drain

Given that there are four teams that get promoted in League Two and half that figure that leave the EFL (an aberration in my view, but I’ll save that for another post) every year, there are likely to be significantly more sides in the first two categories than the latter two, such is the nature of the division.

One thing I will say right now is that I don’t think there is a single, outstanding candidate at either end of the table at the time of writing. That is in sharp contrast to the two tiers above, and should make for a very intriguing campaign.

I hope this makes it clear what to expect. If you have any feedback regarding the format once the previews and predictions are complete, I’d love to hear from you via a blog comment, Facebook or Twitter.