Buryball is Back!

Yes, that’s right. I will be picking up where I inadvertently left off last year, keeping all the same rules and tenets of what made it such a fun challenge to play.

This time around, the pace will be somewhat slower for two reasons. Firstly, I think my decision to rattle through the season in one post inevitably meant a lot of details were omitted, and some of the quirks and nuances that affect any virtual manager were overlooked completely. Secondly, I just simply don’t have as much free time to dedicate to it as I once did, which is also a chief reason for the lack of new articles on this blog as of late (although that will improve from this week onwards).

Once more, I am the assistant researcher for Bury for Football Manager 2019, so I should in theory have as good a handle as anyone on how to get the most out of the squad. Upon the game’s official release tomorrow, I’ll share a tactic on Twitter with anyone who wants to take control of the Shakers. This isn’t strictly related to Buryball, but it was a request from a fellow fan, and the aim was simple – emulate the reality as much as possible. I can’t promise it will actually work that well in-game, but it could serve as a good starting platform for series newbies and veterans alike.

I also want the interactivity to return in my new FM series, and the gentler speed should enable that to be more commonplace. Your feedback will be crucial in helping to shape the course of my story, so I’ll be frequently canvassing opinion both on here and on social media.

Look out for Part 1 in the coming days, as well as the custom tactic, which I’m christening as ‘Loweball’!

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