More is More!

Last week, I did a poll on Twitter to see if there was any appetite for me to write more on this blog and on other sites:

I appreciate the sample size is small, but I only held the poll for a single day and never retweeted it. In any case, I was glad that the response was overwhelmingly positive. I want to write more without compromising on the quality.

The new aim is to write or have something published every single weekday. Not writing for writing’s sake, not all on the same subject or the same style, short but meaningful pieces are okay… you get the picture.

Here’s a flavour of what’s still to come this month:

  • A tactical analysis of Crewe Alexandra in League Two thus far this season.
  • The (re-)launch of Buryball when Football Manager 2020 comes out of beta on or as close to this Friday as possible – this will be a near-daily, episodic look at the fight to get a club bearing the Bury name back into the EFL.
  • A review of two books – ‘One Football, No Nets‘ by Justin Whalley, and ‘State of Play: Under the Skin of the Modern Game by the renowned sportswriter Michael Calvin.
  • A preview and match report from Forest Green Rovers vs Plymouth Argyle this weekend.
  • Any changes to the ‘old’ Bury FC situation in real life and/or shareable phoenix club news.

As you can guess by that commitment above if you weren’t already aware, being a freelance writer is now my job. I want that to continue for a long time to come. I need your support for this to happen, and this can be given in a number of ways:

  1. Simply reading my blog.
  2. Sharing and/or liking my blog on social media.
  3. A one-off donation of a fixed amount of $3 on Ko-fi or as little or as much as you like on PayPal.
  4. Become a Patron for $3 a month – choosing this option lets you suggest articles for me to write about!
  5. Subscribe to my weekly email on Substack, which will launch in December.

I have realised that I can’t expect people to support me without stepping up what I do, too. It’s a two-way street.

If you have any feedback about me, what I write, my blog, or any of the offers above, please get in touch on here or on social media.